January Student Of The Month

Megan – Live 1                                                                       Daniel – Live 2


Junaid – Live 3                                                                  Matt – Live 4

Happy Chinese New Year

The students in Strive have taken part in some activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We explored the foods and made a stir fry; we made some roosters and contributed to the whole school Chinese Dragon

Mock Exam

Nine students from the Hive College dressed up very smartly in interview clothes or their uniforms for their mock English Speaking Board exam on Friday 20th January. The students had to make a presentation about themselves including a poster and other visual aids, ask each other questions, find a job advert that they were interested in to talk about, and have a one to one interview about the job. The exam is at Level 1.
The students did very well and we wish them luck for their real exam in the summer!

Another Success!

Matthew joined The Hive College in September 2016. Last week he had a work trial cleaning at the prestigious Highclare School in Sutton Coldfield. Matthew worked hard and impressed the supervisors so much that he was offered the job.

Well done Matthew! We are really proud of your achievement.

STRIVE’s visit to the Library of Birmingham

As part of our community participation, we visited the library on Broad Street. The photos show the enjoyment the students had sharing stories with the staff. The students enjoyed socialising over their lunch in the Library Café afterwards too.

For parents/ carers wanting to go to the library at a future date, the changing facilities include fully adjustable bed and hoist changing facilities, lift access and spacious cafe areas. The children’s area of the library has large bean bags and accessible areas for sharing stories.

Children In Need

The STRIVE students went to TESCO for a cup of tea and some shopping and were kindly donated some cookery ingredients. They then set to and made lots of Chocolate Krispie Cakes and some Chocolate Tiffin, using sensory analysis to explore the ingredients.The students then sold the cakes and raised over £45.




Well Done Tony!

Tony is in his 3rd year at The Hive where he has taken part in a variety of very successful work placements.  Last year he was on placement at National Express and has secured a Supported Internship with them for the next academic year.  National Express have been so impressed with Tony’s dedication to his role with them that they have named a bus after him.

On Friday 9th September staff from National Express drove the bus to college where Tony, his family and his college friends celebrated this very exciting event.

All the staff at The Hive are very proud of Tony and what he has achieved and hope he has many happy journeys to and from college, on his very own bus!

Well done Tony.





The firefighters from Safeside@Eastside came in to meet the STRIVE students during their induction week. They were able to explore the uniform including the tunic, helmet, gloves and boots. They then went outside to listen to the sirens and spray some water. The students had great fun and some of the staff got a little wet!