Each year at The Hive College an Employability Event is held which involves the 6th form students from Wilson Stuart School and the students from the college.

Workshops are ran by the Department of Work and Pensions to help the students plan their futures and become effective jobseekers. They are involved in discussions and work to create their own Curriculum Vittae.

Employers from a range of sectors are invited into the college to hold mock interview sessions with the students, which always causes some nervous excitement.  Students are asked to take the interview sessions seriously, which they do, arriving at college looking very smart.  Feedback is given to each student so that they can learn from the experience and build on their interview techniques for the future.

The Employability Days, to date, have been a huge success, with students stating that they really benefit from the interaction and guidance given by the employers. Students are supported to talk to unfamiliar adults and it helps them to gain the confidence they will need when moving into the workplace.  Employers too also find the event rewarding and always comment on the enthusiasm that our students show.

The Employability Event is to be held again this year on Thursday 21st and 22nd March.

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