Employer information / Work Placements

Work placements are an important part of the course we offer. They give our students the opportunity to gain real life work experiences to help develop their understanding and gain employability skills.

Work placements provide an essential opportunity for students to identify their skills and strengths and help them make decisions about their future careers. Work opportunities for our students’ are sought in a range of vocations, the students are job matched accordingly to an opportunity that will suit their abilities and the needs of the employer.

Work placements consist of one day per week for a period of approximately 6 weeks. The students are accompanied by our dedicated trained staff, they are subject of a DBS check, risk assessments are completed and we cover insurance whilst they are on placement with you. We are not there to create work for an employer, we are there to meet a business need and at the same time develop the student.

Our students are enthusiastic, reliable and want to work and they add to the diversity of the workplace which reflects positively on others.

We are always happy to hear from organisations who would like to work with us to offer work placement opportunities to our students.

If you, or a representative of your company are able to offer an experience of work and you would like to hear more about what we offer, please get in touch with Julie Pallister.

We held an Employability Day on 22nd & 23rd March 2018,to see what Employability Day involves click here.