My name is Daniel Delaney and I am the Parent and Community Worker for the Hive College.

My role is to support both the students and their families on the STRIVE and THRIVE programmes. I will be responsible for the liaison between the students, their families and any relevant outside agencies throughout the challenges associated with the meaningful and successful transition from college to any future provision.

This support will be in the form of identifying activities that meet the student’s individual needs and preferences through community activities or volunteering roles. This ensures that when they leave college they are able to engage in the world around them with as much independence as possible.

I am also a qualified Travel Trainer and will be able to train those students in the college, who have the potential to travel independently, to do so safely. I can also train students in Road Safety Awareness so that when they are out in the community they are aware of potential risks and how to keep themselves safe.

I will be in regular contact with parents and carers of students in the college but am happy to be contacted at any time.



Daniel Delaney

0121 306 4800