I am delighted to welcome you to the Hive College website.

At the Hive College we are dedicated to do all we can to help our students develop and succeed in their aspirations, enjoy their time at college and develop the important qualities they need to aid their transition into adult life.

We set high expectations; students must be willing to work hard and are encouraged to take pride in what they achieve.  We have developed a safe college environment where everyone is encouraged to believe in themselves and reach their full potential.

We have developed an exciting and inclusive curriculum to meet the diverse needs of all our students who attend the Hive College.   We have developed outstanding relationships with employers across the Birmingham area and within local communities to assist us in providing the best outcomes to meet our student’s individual needs.

We hope you find our website interesting and informative.  If you require any more information contact the college by telephone or email.

Mrs Kim Everton
College Principal

Recent News

Butlins thanks to ORS & Aecom

On the 16th July 2018, 23 students took part in a residential week at Butlins inBognor Regis supported by staff from the college.  This was made possible by the very kind donations of two employers, Karl Ward form Office Recycling Solutions and David Bennett and Caren Duddy from Aecom.  During the week the students were encouraged to be as independent as possible, taking care of their own personal needs, budgeting their own money and making decisions for themselves.  They also had a fantastic time participating in all the activities Butlins offer and spending time with their friends.