PPE & Safety

Student needs analysis

College staff have considered associated risk based on the individual needs of students and groups of students in relation to the use of PPE within college/ class.

Social Distancing 1 – Movement around college

A system clearly communicated to staff and students around college so that any movement around college will minimise the chance of students and staff encountering each other. This will be clearly marked with floor graphics to indicate direction of travel. Barriers will also be used to mark areas out of use at this time and support the movement of staff and students.

Social Distancing 2 – In Class

Staff and students to adhere to social distancing rules where possible. Due to the specific needs of students this may not be possible during activities within the college day therefore full PPE (vizors, gloves, masks, aprons) will be made available to ALL staff on request.
Government guidance suggests that PPE only needs to be worn if protection is used in normal practice e.g. (feeding / bathroom) even if social distancing is not possible. However, if staff request PPE within the class base it WILL be provided.
Tables / Chairs will be spaced appropriately with designated student areas (where appropriate)

Access to PPE

PPE will be available to ALL staff within college. Prior to the start of day sufficient PPE will be placed in the designated class bases used with students. Should additional PPE be required then staff members can request additional items that will be supplied. Numerous clean masks will be available to support identified staff.
All staff will have personalised vizors which will be worn at all time (this will be reviewed regularly as new guidance is made available). Staff will clean their own vizors at the start and end of the day using antibacterial spray supplied by the college. Additional cleaning of vizors needs to take place before and after any feeding and bathroom visits.
Full PPE must be worn when feeding and bath rooming students
At all other times all staff have the option to bring their own clean mask into college if they wish to do so. However the wearing of masks will not be compulsory unless a specific risk assessment deems it necessary for the groups listed below to wear a medical mask:
Adults aged 60 or over
Adults with any underlying health condition
BAME adults
Pregnant staff until 28 weeks (any staff pregnant beyond 28 weeks will not be accessing the college site
Government guidelines suggest that PPE only needs to be worn if protection is used in normal practice e.g. (Feeding / Bathroom) even if social distancing is not possible. However, if staff request PPE within the class base it will be provided.

Use of PPE

ALL staff within college have signed to confirm that they have read and understood the instructions regarding the safe use of PPE to include ‘putting on’ and ‘taking off – including disposal’ This will ensure that staff and students remain protected if PPE is required.

Quantity of PPE – Stock

All PPE will be stored in a locked central venue and distributed prior to the start of day. Stock levels will be monitored on a daily basis and additional PPE will be ordered on a week by week basis.

Handwashing and Hand sanitiser

Students and staff will need to wash hands at the start of each day with soap and water. This will be repeated throughout the day and especially at break time. Lunch time and the end of day. Each class will also have hand sanitiser that can be used.

Bath rooming / Feeding

Staff including care teams will have full access to PPE and must follow guidelines on use when supporting students with feeding or in the bathrooms.

Nursing Team

There are 2 Nurses on site for medical emergencies. Any issues with students in class nursing staff will come to student in appropriate PPE. Students should not be visiting nursing team, they will be called to come to the student.

Student / Staff Illness

In the event of staff / students developing symptoms and becoming ill during the college day they will be isolated from others in a designated room. Any staff encountering these people MUST wear full PPE in line with government guidelines. Please see and follow separate flow chart. In the event the classroom needs to be deep cleaned, students will move to an additional classroom space.