Strive 2 Home Learning

Communication / Drama

Open Theatre

Our amazing Drama company have released videos onto Youtube. Please feel free to use them, we love drama in Strive.


Sensory Stories

There are some lovely sensory stories you can share on here.


This is a sensory story to try and help our students make sense of the situation we are currently in. There are some really lovely ideas in here, and instructions on how to get the most out of the story.

Covid Sensory Story




Tac Pac

This Tac Pac has been released free for people to use at home. These are amazing resources which allow us to build a connection between music and touch. This could be done daily, and watch as your son or daughter starts to anticipate what’s going to happen when the music comes on.



We love to have games of bowling when we’re at college. Here are some simple instructions on how to make your own at home. If you don’t have paints – don’t worry! Plain bottles will do just as good a job.



If you have access to a computer, here are some musical resources you may find useful and hopefully fun!

Singing Hands are now running Zoom sessions so that people can join in and sign along to some familiar songs. Information is on their website.


Fine Motor

Spray bottle fun!

Use a clean spray bottle, filled with water. Assist to press the trigger and enjoy the water spraying out.

Some ideas –

Water the plants

Make a target, see if you can hit it.

Use chalk on brick walls, use the water spray to clean it off!

For more ideas have a look on


Beat the Corona Blues 2

VE Day Story

Summer Tac Pac

Summer Tac Pac