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A message from Thrive 2 staff

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Students can continue to use their communication booklets which were sent home.
Please also see the links below for a video of our non-verbal Drama warm up which the students participate in every week as well as a link to the Makaton Youtube page where students can learn many new signs.


Students can complete the attached workbooks and activities as well as using to practise their number and money skills.

Being Healthy

The following link gives access to many activities for students to think about healthy eating.

Keeping Safe

Students can use the following link to identify hazards in the kitchen.
Students can also use the document below to consider when a 999 call is necessary.  Once completed, they could role play a 999 call focussing on being able to give their name and address.


Tablespoon recipe

Banana pancakes

Dinner rolls


Microwave mug cake

Jam tarts

 Home Learning w/c 15.06.20



Healthy eating worksheet

hygiene sharing



Home Learning w/c 22.06.20

Calm Jars

Food group matching

Numicon Number Bonds 10


one more and less than

hygiene card sort

Home Learning w/c 29.06.20

T2 Make the total

T2 Maths Scavenger hunt

T2 Handwashing Worksheet LA

T2 Hazards and spotting danger

T2 How much

T2 Coin recognition worksheet

T2 Healthy eating ppt

Home Learning w/c 06/07/2020

food groups




t3-s-262-getting-ready-in-the-morning-sequencing-activity-sheet (1)

Skittles_ Tin Can Alley Golf