Infection control

Infection control All parents have been instructed not to send their child into college if they are showing ANY signs of illness. This is to safeguard the student and everyone else. Parents must inform the drivers before collection if possible if their child is not coming into college due to illness and inform the college in the usual way. Buses will be cleaned after morning pick up, if used during the day and at the end of the day when students have returned home. The college is in the process of purchasing a Fogger to be used at the end of each working to disinfect all minibuses.

Drop off locations

Students will disembark in distributed locations to allow for simultaneous drop off. Mixing of people between different busses will be avoided (until they are in their class base).

Temperature checks on busses

As buses enter the car park they will stop and the temperature of all people on board will be checked with a heat camera. If someone is too hot the bus will be parked somewhere cool and temperature will be rechecked after 10 minutes. The temperature of students arriving in cars must be taken before the driver leaves the college site.

What if someone has a high temperature on a bus

What if someone has a high temperature on a bus If after a second check someone on a bus has a high temperature, the student will be taken to the isolation room, accompanied by a member of staff in full PPE. Parents or carers will be contacted to collect their child from college immediately. The person with the high temperature will be considered as having symptoms and will need to be sent for testing and must self-isolate until they receive results from the test.

If a positive test is confirmed

If a positive test is confirmed All people on that bus must also be tested and self-isolate for 14 days

If a negative test is confirmed

If a negative test is confirmed If they no longer display COVID-19 symptoms they can stop self-isolating and return to college.